frequently asked questions CONTINUED


Q: Does my pet need any vaccination?
A: Yes. In order to book your pet will need to be current on all required vaccinations. Go to the vaccinations page to find out more information and what vaccinations are required.

Q: Will my pet get bitten by another pet?
A. At no time will your Pet be in contact with someone else’s Pet unless you ask for your Pet to be socialized with other Pets in Doggie Daycare. When in Doggie Daycare, understand that when dogs play, they use their paws and mouths and like wolves, their play mimics fighting or wrestling. In rare instances play goes too far and a dog can get bitten or scratched. Think of it like playground, occasionally, kids who play hard end up with cuts and bruises. Rest assured however, that All Creatures Pet Lodge takes the safety of dogs in our care very seriously and takes all precautions to avoid any occurrence of injury.

Q: Do you accept aggressive dogs?
A. We do not accept any aggressive dogs in the Facility. Unfortunately, we are no longer accepting pure breed Pit Bulls or Akitas due to related problems encountered in the past.
If you have a mix breed Pit Bull or Akita, we recommend that you call and set up an appointment to meet with the two kennel managers so that they can make a determination as to the temperament of your animal and recommended stay. Please understand that safety comes first, for not only our other pets but for our staff as well.

Q: Do you board animals other than dogs and cats?
A: Yes. The pet lodge is happy to board any domesticated household pet that you may have. To get prices and what might be required for your pet please call the pet lodge at 407-331-3161.

Q: Do you offer long term boarding discounts?
A: Yes. If you are boarding for 30 days or more we do offer discounted rates. For more information contact the pet lodge at 407-331-3161.

Q: Do you work with a vet?
A: Yes. In any emergency we not only contact the owners but the pets vet as on record. In a case of an after hours emergency the pet is taken to the closest available emergency vet clinic.